'Solar tree' proposed for training academy in Glenview

Solar Tree, by Artemide

Is it urban art or just a new gadget for collecting solar power? Some say it's both.

Glenview officials recently got a look at a miniature version the "solar tree" that the Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Services Academy wants to erect in front of its building at 2300 Patriot Boulevard.

Tactical Design, an architectural firm based in Arlington Heights, has been tapped to build a 35-foot-tall version of the device, which looks like something out of a science fiction movie about rampaging robots.

Michael Enz, co-owner of Tactical Design, said the solar tree will cost about $73,000. It'll have seven solar panels and produce almost 3,000 kWh in electricity each year. Enz explained that photovoltaic cells inside the material in solar panels capture energy as the sun's radiation passes through them.


World Economic Forum - Jordan


Signed today on the occasion of meetings of the World Economic Forum in Jordan investment agreements worth three billion dollars to develop the service sector and create jobs and support economic reforms in the Kingdom.

It has signed an agreement between the institution of Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation and the European Investment Bank and Abraaj Capital requires the creation of the Fund in the Jordanian capital for growth with an initial capital worth thirty million dollars, and will rise to fifty million in just eight years, the fund will SMEs ceiling does not exceed five million dollars.

First Solar Charging Station for Electric Cars Inaugurated


AMMAN-----October 20, 2011----- Under the Patronage of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, President of El Hassan Science City and the Royal Scientific SocietyRoyal Scientific Society, the First Solar Charging Station for Electric Cars was inaugurated on Thursday 20th of October, in El Hassan Science City.

The launch was a joint effort among various sectors such as the public sector represented by the Ministry of Environment and Higher Council for Science and independent bodies represented by El Hassan Science City and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Meanwhile, the private sector was represented by NetEnergy, Nissan Jordan and with support from global companies: AllCell, Sun Phocus from the US and French companies DBT and MATRA.

Kingdom's first solar-powered electric vehicle charging station opens

NetEnergy General Director Mansorr Alhallaj and HRH Princess Sumaya test drive a Nissan Leaf, an electric car, after the opening of the first solar charging station for electric cars at El Hassan Science City in Amman on Thursday (Reuters photos by Muhammad Hamed)

Amman - In a step towards increasing its reliance on clean, sustainable energy, Jordan on Thursday inaugurated its first solar-powered charging station for electric cars.

Located at El Hassan Science City (EHSC), the station is considered the first step towards promoting solar-powered vehicles and building more solar-charging facilities on the streets of Jordan, according to experts.

The station was established in cooperation between local clean technology firm NetEnergy, Nissan Jordan, the environment ministry, USAID and the Higher Council for Science and Technology with the support of AllCell, Sun Phocus, DBT and MATRA.

HRH Princess Sumaya, president of EHSC and the Royal Scientific Society, called NetEnergy, which was incubated by El Hassan Business Park, “a true example of what can be achieved when creative ideas unite with the desire to innovate and lead”.

She added that EHSC was the “ideal” place to build the first station for clean energy as the city can turn ideas into working projects that create job opportunities.